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Quiver Tree, Kokerboom
In its native south African habitat this tree Aloe lends an "other worldly" look
to the landscape. Native bushmen made arrow quivers from the hollowed out branches.
  You too can have a bit of the "other worldly" look  with one
of these Aloes.  Slowly growing to about 15ft or so tall with bases to 3 ft in diameter,
they make stunning container or ground specimens for part shade or full sun. They
are sensitive to overwatering, especially in summer, so must have fast draining
soil and be allowed to dry out thoroughly between waterings. Extremely drought
tolerant, they can endure weeks and even months with no supplemental water.

Cortaderia selloana v. pumila
Ever admire those regal clumps of Pampas Grass adorning the lawns of great estates and Victorian landscapes but thought "that's  just too huge for my yard" ?  Well, now there is a scaled down version available.  The Dwarf Pampas Grass gets only 4- 6 ft tall,  produces those awesome decorative plumes for your indoor arrangements, grows in most any soil
as well as containers, and prefers full sun.



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